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#50- Asasi TESL

I ended up my foundation in Tesl at Uitm Alor Gajah, Melaka on March 30th, 2014.
It was Sunday, College Reading II was the last paper for final examination.

Alhamdulillah I've graduated, with honored.
Tesl was amazing. A delightful splendid tip-top course for my own thought.

You will never forget the lecturers, they are overly-awesome.
Mr. Naza, every single of mankind will adore him for sure. Sporting, open-minded,
he made things clear and easy. Juniors, you will certainly want him to teach you for
every Tesl's subjects.
Madam Nagamany, this woman is beyond amazing. She is superb. The motherly-lovely
lecturer you will ever known. Her wise advises, her genuine humors will tickle your heart.
And made you love Grammar and Literature even more.
Miss Siti, you might found her very strict and heartless but once you get to know her closer,
she is the best among the rest. No doubt. She is the best.
Madam K, she will remember you if you could attract her attention. She cares a lot about her family,
strict but sometimes when the sun goes down and the rain shows up, she has the sweetest smile ever.
Miss Ju, her famous sarcasm words and speeches, will make a little kiddo grew up :)


Shazaleena (the black scarf), she's gorgeous. A great listener indeed as she was the first Tesl-mate that I knew before I came to Lendu. She's there when I need and there's a lot of stories that we shared together. I am so glad that I met her :)
Zahalina, (the turquoise scarf), she's the one that made it all happening. Kak Ina can cheer one's up in a few seconds, a truly true motivator, just like the eldest sister as she cares a lot about both me and Shaza. The room of 2204 would never be better without her.
Elya, (the purple scarf), she's been there in our room since the first day till the last of it. She's in room 2203 but she is Kak Ina's best friend and we get along very well. 
Abel, Kak Dila & Kak Yaya; sleepover at our room for more than I could remember. They made the room more loud and crazy. 
They were like sisters to me. They completed my days before. They truly took care of me; as I always ended myself with my horrible diseases.
Thank you, roommates & sisters. For everything :)

 This was the last day of lecture; of Language & Drama class with Mr. Naza

MPI0202E was drop-dead awesome. Filled with humor and laughter; sweetness of team works and bitterness of sarcastic moments. Will never find a classmate like this, 2E is beyond expectations. Each of them have their own specialties, uniqueness and undefined attitude. Hoping that we could meet soon, in Degree years insyaAllah.

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