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Its a new beginning now
A new life I supposed
Without tears no more. I feel so blessed. Laugh and smile. Just couldn't be far away. From day till night. 
No more cry, no more try. No more hurt. No more lies. Just a dazzling laugh and smile.
Life's been great all this while. Nothing seems to go wrong no more. Wondering whether I've being myself again? I think I am. Eyn said its true also. This is much happier, its truly true! Thankyou Allah :) For soothes everything. For guiding me and for testing me for I know you love me ^^

So InsyaAllah someday I will cross over the sea, hihi. Somehow need a splendid super result first to study abroad. But to achieve a splendid result need a lot of hard work to do. I will earn it someday. Someday I will. 

Now, a new journey begin~

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