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Its September 5th 2012 , 12 o'clock in the midnight. I was laying down just now, trying to sleep thereafter studying about History. Yes soon at 8.00 am gonna be History test :D I love History, hihi.
So when I was trying to close my eyes, suddenly a poem or lyric or I don't know quote maybe just flown into my mind. It danced and shuffled through it. I just can't let it off my brain! So I slid off my bed and so here we go the maybe-poem-or-lyric-or-quote;

'To climb to reach the highest of all.
To search to earn the needs from fall.
To find to gain the power of love.
To grab to keep the love of Allahu Ya Rabb'

I know its not so good but I like it so much. It seems like the last words of those 4 sentences were rhymes together :D Hihi. So goodnight bloggers, have a nice dream. 

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