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"I saw you looked at me. Rolled your eyes over me. Steal the time just to blink your two eyes for me. Sit improperly just to see me. Secretly looking at me"

I didn't notice anything before
I never take it serious
I found he's the one but I was wrong
I knew I was wrong from all of the first moment
I know but I just inhaled it then exhaled

"You never tired waiting for me. You're there when needed and when I don't even need. You text, you called. You even say you miss me"

But I still hold the mud though I could get the priceless jewels ever.
But if you could here me saying,

"For all this time. I've been lovin' you boy. Oh yes I have. And ever since the day. You left me here alone. I've been trying to find
Oh, the reason why
So if I did. Something wrong. Please tell me. I wanna understand. 'Cause I don't want. This love to ever end. No no no no.
And I swear. If you come back. In my life. I'll be there till the end of time.
And I swear. I'll keep you right. By my side. 'Cause baby
You're the one I want. Oh yes you are"

Oh here got nothing to do with my exact life~~

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