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#010- The Last Day of Us


             I was still sleeping when suddenly my hand phone rang. The ring tone broke the silence of the night.  I slid off my bed and quickly accepted the call. It was so weird to get a call at the wee hours of the morning. I heard the voice at the other end of the line and uncertain who the caller was. With the voice of a sleepy girl I ask;

            “Hello, who are you? And what do you want from me?” my eyes looked very weary and gaunt.

            “Rose, it’s me Hayden. You’re free?”

            That was the weirdest question ever. Free, at this late of night? Did he lose his mind? I thought twice after that. Well, he is my best friend. I mean the only friend that I had. I used to be and I’m still a nerd, silence and an unpredictable girl, I supposed. And reluctantly I’m agreed to accompany him to the cinema. But wait! A movie at this hour? I’m going to sleep thereafter arrived.

            “What movie should we watch, Hayden?” my mouth ask something but my eyes looked definitely misty. I’m obviously sleepy.

            “The Last Day of Us. It’s an interesting story someone told me. I must watch it while I have my time”.

            ‘While I have my time’. That word was awkward and cold. This is not Hayden that I’ve known before.  Yet his smile was creepy and he’s smile and smile and the smile just couldn’t find the way to stop. He used to be in love with the inhumanity, violent and rough movie but this night, about affection?

            “You seemed so emotional, aren’t you? What’s wrong? Is it about the movie? It touched your heart or you have other problem?” I smirk. What’s get into him?

            “Nothing, it just that I felt what the actor felt, to sense a loss.” And he smiled again while wiping his tears from his eyes. He’s crying? That was very peculiar and yes it is.

            It was 2 o’clock in the morning. While the residents of the town were dreaming about something good and the kids were flying their body to the Neverland but Hayden and I were drowning ourselves walking through the sidewalk with coldness of the air. I can’t almost breathe in the air but Hayden was abnormal as he was still smiling. That was totally freakish.

            “Hey Rose, let’s jump into the river like we used to do before. Are you coming with me?” his eyebrows were up and down rapidly. The only question that flown into my mind was, ‘is he insane?’

            “It’s cool down there, man. I’m not going to end my life with die shivering in this iced-cold river” my eyes ogled at him. Didn’t he notice that the river was too cool to swim with and the weather was definitely not suitable?

            And yes he did. He did swim at the iced-cold river but never for me. I’m being his accompanying that time. He seemed so weird. He never likes this before. I mean, being too peculiar and want to do something that was unpredictable to do for a normal human being. As he took a step off from the river, his face looked very pale and gaunt. But he hid it with a widely-sweet looking smile. I couldn’t figure out why he did that.

            “You look very pale, Hayden. Are you okay?” I said, concerned about him.

            “I’m okay. Hundred-per cent okay. Let’s hike that hill and watch the sunset. Let’s go!”

            I’m sure his in hurry, definitely. I didn’t get the chance to answer his ‘question’ but his already hiking the hill and yes I had to follow him. No doubt.

            We sat together at the top of the hill. Waiting for the beautiful sun to rise up. The view was extremely miracle and outstanding. I never knew there was a personable panoramic in this gloomy city. But now that I’ve known, with no hesitate I’m totally will run off to this place every day.

            “If I’m gone someday, will you promise me something? Will you take a good care of my family and my fiancée? Will you?”

            After quiet sometimes we were in a silence mood, he started to make a conversation. His smile did nothing to conceal his bleak and depressing demeanour. I saw sorrow on his face. What’s turning him into this?!

            “What are you talking about, man? I couldn’t understand. Why are you acting so weird just now and now?” I just didn’t satisfy with this unexplained situation.

            “I repeat, will you help me?” without a blink of eyes, he said strictly.

            I nodded. Very slowly.

            “Promise me, you will take care of them?” his hoping again.

            “Come on, man. What’s up with all this? This is so strange and freaky! You make me nerve, you know”

            “Just answer me! Will you promise me?” he looked emphatically at me.

            I nodded, again.

            “Thanks, I appreciated it. A promise will always be a promise and don’t you ever break it” he smiled and then he lay down while his both hand withstand his head.

            I can’t stop thinking what exactly the meaning behind what he had said. It’s too mysterious and beyond the expectations.

            Few minutes later, I realised that I’ve fall asleep and so do Hayden. It’s a minutes left to a sunset and I quickly wake him up. But my effort failed. I try and try again but nothing happened. I started to panic.
            I checked his pulse but nothing seemed to move. Later I knew that he’s gone. He had leaved me and would never come back. Tears fall down slowly and dramatically from my eyes. I sat down beside his dead body. Startled with this shocking situation. I never expected that his weird and strange behaviour could turn into this grief.  I was rattled. As he gone, the sun rises up and shines itself.

            The days flew by. Now I knew that Hayden had been diagnosed with end-stage cancer and there was nothing the doctors could do. And the movie we watched together was the last movie for us. The morning freezing walk at the sideway was the last walk for us. The moment we spend together at the iced-cold river was the last moment for us. The sunset-watch at the top of the hill was the last panoramic view for us. Yet, that was the last day of us. Rest in peace, Hayden Vandem.

Aainaa Narilsa

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