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#011- A Mother As A Bestfriend

Have you ever tell your mom about your secrets? 
Any of your secrets that you keep telling to your best friends for a thousand times? Story of your daily life? Well I did that and still doing it until now. You know what I feel whenever I tell my mother about all of my secrets and story of my daily life? I feel so relieved and assured. A good mother is a good listener for their children. Does your mother is a good listener? Please try this when you reach at home. Don’t be afraid if you want to tell your mother about your private and confidential secrets, examples; someone tease on you, you are in crush or fall in love with someone, you had a very bad and pathetic day, you’re stress, someone beat you and so on. Trust me, she won’t! She won’t repulse on you. Unless, you tell her with a harsh conversation and show off your crinkle face. Then, your mother will give you a 30 minutes speech and above. Be able to hear that! Here are some tips for you. First, talk to your mom with a very soft and cherish voice. Then your mom will be so cold for hearing your soft voice. Second, show off your pampered style towards your mom. That’s work for me! Third, throw out all of your feeling; either sad or happy. Blow it out until the tears fall down from your eyes. Then, your mother will give you her sympathy. Mother is a kind-hearted person. She will never get angry with their children when she sees tears come out from their children’s eyes. After that, she will conclude your story and give her opinions. But! You must, MUST listen to her advice. Then only you can feel so relieved. To some of you, that had already make your mom as your best friend, a job well done from me J Last but not least, mother can be and always be your best friend. The only one friend that cares for you unselfishly and hundred percent will trust on you, forever.

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