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#015- Jahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Jahh & Naa :)

It was at the end of December 2012. I took my driving class that time. It was the first time I reached Cott which is the driving institute. With black baju kurung and got no friend that can be walked together with to attend the KPP class, I met Hamiizah. We were under the same driving teacher. We sat together and talked and talked and talked and ate together and talked again during KPP class. It was a non-stop conversation. I was blessed to meet her coz she has that one lips that can't be shut up, well so do I and yes kami sama. During PraL class, computer test and so on, we were still sit together and never separated. Looks like we've been known for ages! Then she came to my house, accompany me when I was alone as my parents went performed their umrah. She's there beside me :') And she will always be. I know that! 

Indeed. She is irreplaceable. We've been a good friend since then. She's a very good listener, caring and loveable. She's always by my side when needed and when I don't even need. She's there when there were no one else does. I was startled because I knew her just in few months but  yet she had became my best friend! Yes my best best friend. There was so much wondrous and reminiscing moments with her that I can't even forget! I truly love her, with all my heart. I accepted her for who she is and I love every single things about her. I love her loudness. I love the way she dressed up. I love pelat R dia tu. I love the way she really care for me. I love the way she treats me like her truly own baby :') Nur Hamiizah Mohd Yusuf (Mijah, Jah), stay with me and I'll stay with you for eternity and beyond. 

Waktu PraL rasanya ni :)

 A&W dah macam lepak mamak :')         Midvalley will be the best moment !

            Aeon Seremban 2 with TEB :')         Karaoke at Parkson with TEB :')

           Secret Recipe :')                              Port Dickson with TEB :') 

 I'll jump with you to reach our dreams! I love you for eternity!

You're the best thing that's ever been mine. You're the best best friend I've ever had.
Take care always. I'll be there for you if you ever need me. Friends forever. Best friends for ever after. TEB for eternity and beyond. 

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