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#016 TEB

The Eternity and Beyond

And its begin....

Its the date that we all met. Its the day that we get to know each other. Its the date! Its the day!
Since then we've been history. Since then we've been TEB. Since then we've been bestfriends. For eternity and beyond!!! :')

Nor Aainaa Abdul Malek
Ahmad Syazwan Mohd Shukur
Nur Hamiizah Mohd Yusuf
Siti Nurafifah Salim
Mohamad Amir Farhan Mohd Rezali
Muhammad Dzulkarnain Fahmi Shafie
Muhammad Hussaini Zainal
Nur'aien Sakienah Zulhazmi
Rifhan Rosnan
Muhammad Muzhaffar Mokhtar

You're the best. You're the best among the rest. We are one family. We are one. We are strong when we are together. Loud and happening. Full of laughter and smiles and wondrous moments! :') You guys really make my days. Please don't forget me. Please don't let me go. Without you TEB, my days went empty. Please, STAY!!! :')

I'll update later, tk sempat dah :'( 

I love you so much TEB. I really really really love you guys so much.

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