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#32- The Triple A's

I was never experienced having roommates in school life

Yeah I lied
I had experienced it
But it was only for 3 weeks and I didn't manage to know them better
It when I was in MRSM Gemencheh
I didn't like being there
Biology is totally not for me
Well, it happened 2 years ago
So I shall skip it

Being in UiTM Lendu, Alor Gajah, Melaka
Is the best moments ever
I met my two dearest roommates
Such a very nice friends I have ever known before
4 months of wondrous moments
Shall never slip out of my mind
Room 209, Tun Hasan College, UiTM Lendu
What we called ourselves as,
"The Triple A's" - Aini, Aainaa, Atie

Thee who always being there for me
Through sadness and happiness
Through laugh and tears
Having our times together
Thee who woke me up 
At dawn
Thee who keep me company
Till I fall asleep

I was the youngest among them
And the one who always got sick
And the one who have many diseases
Both of them took care of me
Like their true own sisters

I miss our conversations
The laughter that could
Break the diaphanous morning and night
The tears of sorrow
Its the one who made us stronger
The sharing stories moments
Not gonna found the best listener
As you both are
The craziness of the three of us
Might be the reason I still can smile
The advice of a true friends
Shall I remember till the end

Semester 1 in UiTM Lendu
The memory with both of you
Shall be the best reminiscence ever
Shall always be my forever cogitation

And both of you
Shall always be my best friends and roommates

aainaa narilsa

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