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#48- Second/Last Semester

Monday, 25th November 2013
Its the new beginning of my second and last semester of Foundation in Tesl
At UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka for four months
Since this is the last opportunity for me to gain up and achieve the best pointer ever
I have made a revolution list for this second yet last semester

Sleep early before 1am. Serious, I have to reduce my sleep hour for my own good
Get up early at 4am. Solat Tahajjud for sure, its hijrah time for me. Revision, yes
Focus more in class. There is no daydreaming anymore. Wake up Nor Aainaa!
Do all the assignments right after I got it. No last minute work. Its suck.

Buckle up
Be prepared, mentally & physically
Must have a very extremely high determination
Lets mama & ayah's hope be the reason of everything I do
Most importantly, always remember for the sake of learning for Allah Al Mighty
Belajar kerana Lillahita'ala :)

No more love, focus focus focus and focus
Love can wait but this study things didn't!
Grow up, be matured
Lets all the experiences encourages me and lighten up my spirit
Dream. Hope. Work. Tawakkal. Have faith. Redha.
InsyaAllah :)

Its a new beginning
I'm ready to fight for my dreams!

aainaa narilsa

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