Aainaa Narilsa | extremely high imaginary writer

#35- The Remnant of The Faithful

Once we were united
To get rid those who wanted to demolish us
Once we were together
Combine altogether to face the fear
I cannot vie with such beauty and sorrow
Spite the beauty beset the nightmare
Turn to grief, scattered sorrow
Inside these frames and haunted photos
These cornucopia cages, bound with plunder
Slew their valley, vanished the country
Where could it be the beautiful of it?
With two eyes you have been blind
With a heart you can see
The remnant of your beloved country
Now being ruled by deficiencies
Just hold the ground and speaks your heart
Shall deceive that menace of hardly breathing
Ravaged inside it, is abate itself
In a haste, it is searching for the
Remnant of the faithful

aainaa narilsa

vie- bersaing
spite- walaupun
beset- dilanda
cornucopia- banyak
plunder- perompak
slew- membunuh
remnant- sisa-sisa
deceive- penipuan
menace- ancaman
ravaged- melanda
abate- terhenti

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